The Story Of Prophet Ayyub (AS)

The incident of Hazrat Ayub (as):

Hazrat Ayub (PBUH) is also called Sabir-un-Nabiyya.

One day while the angels were praising Hazrat Ayub (as) in the sky, the devil became very angry when he heard this praise. You have become a grateful servant. If you give me control over his wealth and life, then we will see how much he is grateful.

Therefore, Allah knew that the trial that would befall Hazrat Ayub (as) would be successful and the trial of every prophet is very severe.

Then Allah (swt) said to Shaitan (Satan): "Go, I have given you control over all my servants." As a result, his wife and all his children died.

The devil disguised himself the next day and said to Hazrat Ayub (as): “Did Allah take away everything from you in one day?” It was his favor and now he has taken it. It is his grace.

Then Satan came in the form of a sorcerer and as soon as he drew the attention of Hazrat Ayub (as) he immediately blew something which went into his mouth and as a result boils came out in all parts of his body except heart and tongue and He was in so much pain that he could not even move his body. In this condition he spent 18 years without any complaint and in this condition all the people except his wife left him. She used to go to work every day so that she could earn some money.

One day while she was working as a laborer, the devil came in the form of a doctor and said to his wife that I am a doctor. Hearing this, his wife saw a ray of hope. The doctor said that I will treat him and there will be no charge for him. When he recovers, just say, "You have healed him." Job (peace be upon him) was very saddened to hear this and after being in this disease for so many years, he prayed and said: “O my Lord!

And you are the most merciful of the merciful. ”He asked for such a prayer that Allah liked his prayer so much that Allah (swt) said to him: This is what Hazrat Ayub (PBUH) did and his illness was cured and Allah gave him many times more wealth than what he had lost and in the same way he gave back to his children and their grandchildren.

Therefore, in this incident, we are being taught that no matter how much trouble befalls us, we should pray to our Lord alone.

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