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Tahajjud is a prayer of big virtue. After the obligatory prayers, the most beloved prayer to the Lord of the universe is the prayer of Tahajjud. And at the time of Tahajjud, Allah accepts the request very quickly.

The method of tahajjud prayer is very simple

Time Of Tahajjud Prayer:

The time for tahajjud prayer is from the time of Isha prayer to before the adhan of Fajr. Even if you wake up soaked in some part of the night and after that whether it is one o'clock or twelve o'clock If you want to perform Tahajjud, you can. But the best time for Tahajjud prayer is before the Fajr Adhan. One thing to remember is that getting up and praying to Tahajjud is the best thing to do And he has more rewards. But if a person is awake at night and thinks that he has fallen asleep then he will not be able to get up at the time of Tahajjud. If you get up at the time of Fajr and bring the wine at that time, then he can perform the supererogatory tahajjud before going to bed at night.

So this was the time for Tahajjud prayer. It starts immediately after Isha's prayer and lasts till Fajr Adhan. If you fall asleep then there will be more reward and if you do not fall asleep then you can still fall at any time.

How Much Tahajjud Have rak'ats?

Tahajjud is a supererogatory prayer. You can easily perform two rak'ats, six or eight rak'ats.

What is his intention? This is a supererogatory prayer. Just make up your mind and pray tahajjud and two rak'ats of supererogatory prayers will be offered. His intention is to start the prayer by saying Allahu Akbar And speaking with the tongue is unnecessary.

So the prayer is offered in two rak'ats and you can recite any surah in which surah. It is better to read a long surah as you know it. If a long surah does not come, then you can recite any one surah two, three, or four times. Just try to perform the prayers with more comfort and serenity.

So this was an easy way to perform Tahajjud's prayers. It is nighttime. By night, Allah bestows special grace on His servants. And at that time they have a lodge of raised hands and accept the demands of the slaves.

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