How To Be Young And Healthy: 12 Ways

"Follow these tips to stay young and healthy"

1. Use water as much as possible and avoid drinking cold water.

2. Walk or exercise: daily Walking and exercising keep a person mentally and physically strong.

3. We should perform the five daily prayers in a hurry. Praying solves many of our problems on its own and saves us a lot of trouble.

4. Have a good breakfast. The breakfast of the province must be done because the breakfast of the province is very important for human health.

5. We should rest a little after lunch.

6. Stop worrying, leave your affairs to Allah and have complete trust in Allah. Because whatever Allah does, He does it for the sake of truth.

7. Must have eaten dinner. Dinner is also very important for good health so never skip dinner.

8. Use good food. Always use the best food dont eat street foods eat always home foods.

9. Get enough sleep every day.

10. Swell early at night and wake up early in the morning. One of the benefits of getting up early is that the province gets fresh air which is very good for human health. Therefore, the province should make every effort to get up early.

11. Eat a simple diet. Use spices sparingly. Eat mostly steamed foods. Avoid spicy foods.

12. Remember Allah in every solution and explain the difficulties and troubles before Him, He will never disappoint you, InshaAllah.

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